From Mat Hillar: If you could write the future what would the next seven years look like for Darian Durant?

From Darren Cunningham: Who is your favourite NFL QB right now?

From Holly Wilton: What is the hardest part about playing football in Saskatchewan?

From Mike Watt: Hey Darian, I was wondering if you have any game day rituals? Any superstitions? Do you eat a specific type of food or a special meal? Listen to a certain music to get you hyped or focused?

From Chris Arndt:  I was wondering who and what your inspirations were for chasing your dream of playing pro football?

From Andre Pyle:  Darian what do you so or say to the younger players to keep them positive during a losing slump in the season?

From Vernon Amyotte:  What are you going to miss the most, when you leave the old stadium to go to the new.. What are you most excited about with the new stadium ?

From Laurie Clune: I have your jersey and would love to get it autographed. I have seen you around town but don't want to interupt your personal time. Where is the best location for a fan to get an autograph?

From Aime Archer: After your great career, do you want to retire in Saskatchewan with your family or do you want to retire south of the border and do you have another profession you want to persue.?

From Dave Stone on Facebook: What is the one piece of advice, that your Dad/Mom/Sibling(s) told you, that you have held on to and used to achieve your life goals (both on and off the field) ?

From Maureen Jones on Facebook: Who would you say has been the person who provided the biggest influence (mentor) in your career?

From Jordan Bittner on Facebook: Once you retire do you plan on sticking around to play a part in the Rider organization or do you plan on taking your knowledge and expertise back home?

From Bob Lakatos on Facebook: Darian would you ever want to have your brother play against you as a defensive player, and who would win one on one for a naked bootleg for the end zone?

From Barb Diebel on Facebook:Are we going to see you playing in the new stadium Darian?

From Jameson McDougall on facebookWhen you came to cfl did you think you would stay? Or use it as a way to get to the nfl

From Jason Cisna on Facebook: What are the odds of your brother joining our lb core?😅

From Daphnee Vin D' Vogel on Facebook:How do you emotionally and mentally keep it together when doubt and fear pops into your life? GOOD LUCK next in Ottawa and remember You got this!

From Kael Signac on facebook What are the brand/model of your cleats

From Myra Froc on Facebook: The last game you played against the Edmonton Eskimos was Grey Cup-worthy performance. Do you think the team will make the playoffs, even if it is via the back door?

From Mandy Palidwor: Which player past or present would you like to have or play with?